Beginning the year 2010 with Book Reviews

Please respond with your book reviews so we can all find something new.

Norwood’s Question for May 17, 2010

Got to the following websites:

Find a list of 10 books/authors that you would like to read this summer. Remember to use capitalization and to check your spelling.

Norwood’s Question: What makes a book a bad book– one that you wouldn’t read?

What makes a book a bad book– one that you wouldn’t read? Give us examples of books you didn’t like, but more importantly tell us what made it bad.

Was the field trip to the library fun?

Please click on comments and tell us what you liked about the Library Club trip to the Nashville Public Library’s main branch downtown and to the Southeast Branch on April 1st.¬† What did you see? What did you learn? What was the best part (besides not being in class at school)? Did you see anything that you think we should adopt or change our school to be more like? Should we take other people to this field trip again?


What are you reading now and what is your opinion of it?

Norwood’s Question of the Day

If you were stranded on a desert island and could take three books with you for your entertainment, what would you take?

You can’t take a Survival Guide for Desert Islands. There is no electricity so forget electronic devices.

Book Fair Ideas

Tell us your ideas for the book fair.

How can Library Club promote JFK Family Night at Books a Million

Library Club Members tell us how you want to promote the JFK Family Fun Night at Books A Million in Mt Juliet, Friday March 5th.

What is the significance of being at JFK middle school?

We attend John F Kennedy Middle School. Do you know about JFK? Here is a link to his Presidential Library: Tell me what it means to be part of his legacy at JFK.

Realistic books about Tough Topics

Not everything we read is sweet and innocent. But then, our lives are not a fairy tale, at least the way some parents want it to be. Sometimes we want to read about teens going through tough times. Here we’ll share some of the tough stuff.

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