Realistic books about Tough Topics

Not everything we read is sweet and innocent. But then, our lives are not a fairy tale, at least the way some parents want it to be. Sometimes we want to read about teens going through tough times. Here we’ll share some of the tough stuff.

2 Responses to “Realistic books about Tough Topics”

  1. I’m not a person to read, but the books iIhave gotten into are realistic. They tell true stories about females that get hooked on drugs. They also get raped in the process. Their parents don’t understand what all is going on and neither do they at first… the way they end up if they stay with the drugs is either dead, severely injured, or in jail… If you are reading this blog, go and find the books CRANK, GLASS, BURNED, and books by Ellen Hopkins. Trust me you won’t regret it!

  2. Books are cool to read. if you don’t like reading i would like you to read this book called HARLUM HUSTLE. I didn’t like reading any books.

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