Norwood’s Question: What makes a book a bad book– one that you wouldn’t read?

What makes a book a bad book– one that you wouldn’t read? Give us examples of books you didn’t like, but more importantly tell us what made it bad.

13 Responses to “Norwood’s Question: What makes a book a bad book– one that you wouldn’t read?”

  1. Something that makes a book bad, is when the author doesn’t know how to write. They write a book, and it has just no meaning, like they completely get off topic. I do belive that when an author writes a book and they just have absolutely no clue what they are doing, then that makes a book not sound good.

  2. What I think makes a book bad is that if a book has no pictures or if the cover looks boring then I wouldn’t choose it.Thats what makes me not choose a book. Also if a book is for guys I wouldn’t pick it either.

  3. What I think a bad book is, is when you look at the cover and it doesn’t look really good. I don’t like a lot of sports books and read books that guys like to read. Also a bad book to me is when I’m forced to read it and it makes no sense to me.

  4. If the book has no point to be read, it is a bad book to me. It has to be some kind of drama book for me to read it.

  5. Umm a bad book for me would be borinq books ! I hate borinq books; I dont like books about stuff that aren’t real ! I only like fun, interestinq, real books !
    Like example :
    Goosebumps or somethinq
    like that ! I quess now that I’m older I dont like
    those thinqs any more ! But I do like some kiddy books but I’d rather have teenaqe books to read ! Thats my opinion on it :)

  6. To me a bad book would be a book that’s really old and has really no excitement. I think it should have everything that I would like. I will read scary books as long as I’m getting a good description about what its really talking about. I just got done reading the book called Go Ask Alice. I really liked it, it was pretty interesting,now I’m on to the next book called Crank. Hopefully it is just as good as Go Ask Alice.

  7. i wish they had a book about go

  8. A bad book would be a really old book.

  9. A bad book would be a girly book.

  10. A bad book for me is a book that doesnt have a interesting title or if the cover looks really girly.

  11. I was reading about the Georgia Bulldogs,
    Champ Baily played for them,and
    he played cornerback for the Denver,Broncos.

  12. to me if a book doesnt got any pictures or it doesn’t even have any thing fun that any body of my age wuold like to read about then that would be a bad book now what interests me about reading abook is if the book got something about roller-coasters or soccer or baeketball then that would be a goos book

  13. I dont think any book is a bad book.
    In my opinion some books arent interresting but that dosnt mean they are bad books.

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