Was the field trip to the library fun?

Please click on comments and tell us what you liked about the Library Club trip to the Nashville Public Library’s main branch downtown and to the Southeast Branch on April 1st.  What did you see? What did you learn? What was the best part (besides not being in class at school)? Did you see anything that you think we should adopt or change our school to be more like? Should we take other people to this field trip again?

21 Responses to “Was the field trip to the library fun?”


  2. IT WAS FUN YALL!!!! GO!

  3. IT WAS FUN !!! ( except for the lady) ‘jk’ BUT ANYWAYS IT WAS REAL FUN!!!


  5. Unfortunately I missed the field trip which sux cuz i really wanted to go… it must have been awesome and fun cuz all my friends were bragging about it when I came back to school. I soooo wished I could have come soo bad!!!!

  6. This field trip was so awesome! I had lots of fun, and really enjoyed learning about our public libraries. I’m really glad I went and want to go back.

  7. The trip to the downtown liabrary was so much fun. I’ve only been there once when I was a little younger but I never knew how large it really was. The trip to the south east branch could have been better. Even though I’ve been there lots of times I never knew how cool it could be.

  8. The trip was AWESOME. It showed me a part of our town that I would have never went to. I took pictures to keep the great memory. It was really fun (can’t wait untill the next one)The library was HUGE! We first went to the huge library and took a tour.Then we went to eat outside and had a great view.Then we went to the southeast branch library.

  9. The field trip was very cool. I really like it and I think we should go again.

  10. Yes I did it was cool. I enjoyed it=)

  11. I am reading real live monsters

  12. I agree I think the field trip was terriffic. Mrs. Chen picked a perfect place for us to go and see other libraries. I loved the field trip.

  13. Breaking Dawn is the book I am reading. It is a great book. I am almost done reading it . I hope I get done reading the book before school ends. I am almost done reading the first book thats in the book. I cant wait until the movie comes out. I am going to go and see it the first day it comes out. I CANT WAIT!!

  14. I didnt get to go on the feild trip, but I would like to. My friends said it was awesome. And that is telling me that i should go. My friend Quianna keeps on telling me to go.So, I think I might go on April 30th. And that is all I have to say about the feild trip.

  15. It was totally fun and educational. Next time we go, I hope we go to more libraries because when we went to the downtown libary it was realy awesome and I wish we could go back if we are allowed.

  16. oh and i hope that the next time we go we get a bigger bus though :) ,lol

  17. yes me too I really enjoyed it

  18. The fieldtrip was awesome! We learned alot of valuable stuff. I really liked it that was one of the coolest, funniest, and greastest fieldtrips EVER! The coolest thing if we could do another!

  19. well the field trip was great who else enjoyed it because i was so surprised when i walked into the building i thought i was at a famous persons house because its so big and has so much to help you study and get good grades and etc espically the civil rights room that will really help you on tcap man i learned alot and i liked it

  20. I really enjoyed the field trip and I learned a lot of interesting facts about history .

  21. Yesh! The library was awesome! it was really cool down there,and it was cool eating lunch outside in that little fountain area! :D I wanna do it again soon ?!


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