Beginning the year 2010 with Book Reviews

Please respond with your book reviews so we can all find something new.

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  1. CRANK..!
    By:Ellen Hopkins

    Crank is a book about a girl who went to go visit her dad for the summer.When she went her dad lives in a bad neighborhood and she meets a guy.The guys name is Adam.s0 Adam isn’t the best guy ever.He gets her addicted to crank/crack but she falls in love with the guy.But she only stayed with her dad for 2 months then she has to go back to her mom/stepdad.When she goes back she cravers crank/crack.But not many people do it in that town but she found a few people who did and 1 person she did it with was named brendan.He and her went up to a mountain spot 1 time and got high but he raped her their.After that 6 weeks later she figures out she is pregnat but she is in love with another guy.s0 she tells the other guy its not his baby but he still loves her and wants to keep the baby but he is goin to college so he cannot take care of the baby he wanted to stay with him but she wouldent let him she wants him to go 2 college.!

    The book is a real fiction book that can actually happen and it does happen all around the world.!

    The sequel is called Glass.

  2. What Happened to Cass Mcbride?
    The part I love the most is all the precise detailing. Like when she was kidnapped the author described everything Cass saw and felt. Cass Mcbride is the main character. In the beginning she was just a snobby rich girl even she knew that. But the challenges and obstacles that she faced changed her as a person. It made her realize how the world saw her and that was a huge change, even for the great Cass Mcbride.

  3. Cirque Der Freak

    By Darren Shan

    Cirque Der Freak is a horor book about vampire.
    Their are 2 clans in this book vampenze and vampires.
    Vampenze are vampires who kill alot live off of blood but regular vampires dont kill they only take what they need.Their are vampire generals who kill vampires who break their clan laws.
    But this 1 vampire isnt breaking the Vampenze laws so the Vampire Genrals can not stop him from killing so a Vampire General gets an old friend and his friends aprentince to kill the vampire the reason the old friend is helping because the vampenze is in the vampires home town.But the aprentince falls in love while they are hunting the Vampenze down with a girl.!
    But they brought a 3rd friend snake boy.The Vampenze captured snake boy so they thought of a plan 2 capture the Vampenze and kill him by using the girl as bait.

  4. This book is about a girl who gets slipped some lsd. It all goes downhill from that. She runs away, always worrying if she’s pregnant, trying to get more drugs. In the book she tries to stop, but she can’t. She makes a lot of friends but most of them want her to use drugs. This book is good if you are a mature reader.

  5. Well I’m reading a grapic novel called Diary of Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules. I personally think it was an ok book.The book was about this boy named Greg Heffley. He has a family of five. He has a bigger brother named Rodrick. He goes to a middle school. But Greg and his older brother are always arguing and fighting. So their mother makes this thing called mom bucks. So mom bucks are like real money but they can only get them by doing chores. So one day Greg went to his friend’s house to play a board game. But the game has the same money as the mom bucks. But he got caught and got in trouble.

  6. Flawless written by Sara Shepard

    If you have read the first Novel of Pretty Little Liars you know that a girl named Alison Dilaurentis mysteriously disappeared. Later on in the book you find out the Alison’s body had been found. Yup, poor Ally is dead, long dead. The girls have been getting weird texts, emails, and letters from a mysterious person signed as A. A seemed to know all their dirty little secrets, and she was not afraid to tell! The girls are up for a shock knowing that someone else besides Alison knows there secrets … but whom. We also find out a huge secret that wasn’t yet discovered in Pretty Little Liars. It turned out that Alison was responsible for a girl named Jenna (a dork in the neighborhood) going blind. Turn out though, that Toby Jenna’s step brother also knew that it was Allison, who lit the firecracker which caused Jenna to go blind. He saw her do it! Allison has dirt on Toby, and if Toby wants Allison to keep her mouth shut, he better take the blame for Jenna’s accident. Toby goes along with it, and you are left clueless as to what Toby’s secret is. Anyhow, it turns out Spencer was there when Allison was caught by Toby. So now she knows that Toby knows that they are responsible for Jenna’s accident. Now A, the secret stalker knows everyone, secrets are back and Spencer is starting to believe that ‘A’ is Toby and now that Toby is back in town, she feels she has to warn the others. Will the girls ever find out who “A” is? Will they ever confess to Ali causing Jenna to go blind? Will Toby still wants his revenge for the girls? Well you’re just going to have to read the book yourself!

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